Concussion and Head Injuries

The new concussion law in California, Assembly Bill AB-2007, chapter 516 states concussion safety protocol now covers athletes under the age of 18.  Under this new policy players and their parent/guardians are required to review and sign the concussion and head injury information sheet annually/every calendar year. Also coaches on an annual basis need to take the CDC (Center of Disease Control) "Heads up Concussion in Youth Sports" online training.  DASA is committed in ensuring player safety and that our coaching staff are educated and prepared to recognize symptoms of concussions. 

DASA coaches and managers please complete your "Heads up Concussion in Youth Sports," here. As a reminder this needs to be completed annually and turned into the DASA Board President. 

"Heads up" Coach training uthsports/training/index.html

Players and parents please review the below concussion awareness forms and turn these forms into your teams head coach or team manager. 

Athlete form s/2017/02/Athletes-Concussion. pdf

Parent form s/2017/02/Parents-Concussion. pdf


The goal of Davis Alliance Soccer Academy is to promote an appreciation for the sport of soccer by providing progressively higher levels of competition within a safe supportive teaching environment.


We offer our teams the option to play Recreational, Metro/Select and Competitive level soccer. With the help of an experienced group of coaches, we hope to reinforcing more advanced technical skills, tactical awareness, physical conditioning and sportsmanship by providing more advanced coaching.